We believe all schools should achieve academic excellence and produce lifelong learners in a safe and nurturing environment.

Academic Excellence

Lifelong Learners

Safe and Nurturing Environment

Courageous, inspiring and innovative teaching Effective learners Mutual trust and respect
Creating an exciting and challenging curriculum and environment which encourages a desire to learn in both staff and pupils. Confident pupils with a range of skills; enabling them to adapt and succeed both inside and outside the classroom. A secure place where individual voices are encouraged and valued.
Continuous improvement The wider world Equal partnerships
A shared belief by the school and its community that learning should be an evolving and progressive process. Self-aware outward looking pupils who are knowledgeable about the environment, engaged with the community and interested in global issues. Respectful, tolerant and understanding relationships which celebrate diversity.
Everyone achieving their full potential. Skills for success. Collaborative community
Ensuring opportunities, support and motivation which enable pupils and staff to be the best they can possibly be. Laying firm foundations to equip pupils with a full range of practical and emotional abilities; enabling successful life choices. A community of pupils, staff, parents and governors who work together to achieve the best possible outcomes for all.

These are the values which will be upheld by all schools within the Learning for Life Trust

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