In Year 4, our children enjoy exciting lessons which are both stimulating and engaging. The photographs below show examples of children's learning.

Active Mathematics

During Mathematics, the children enjoy learning actively. The photographs below show some exciting mathematical investigations.

Science Investigations

Throughout Year 4, the children enjoy practical investigations, including making circuits and building bridges-linked to STEM. Moreover, the children also enjoyed a recent practical activity on digestion and participated in a wildlife watch.

During Science Week, Year 4 went on an exciting Nature Walk to find out about the different wildlife with their local area.

Super collaboration, quite a lot of problem solving and oodles of perseverance were needed with this DT and Science Challenge. The children had to make a working model of either a lighthouse or windmill - both incorporating a simple electrical circuit with a light or motor. The children responded to the challenge in imaginative and innovative ways!

Tree Planting

Following the United Utilities work on the field, we were granted access to a tree fund to allow us to plant more trees. The Woodland Trust and Cumbria Woodlands have been working with us to design a new woodland area. Sara Brown spent time in school talking to the whole school in an assembly about the importance of trees, she spent sessions in Reception talking about Minibeasts, time in Year 2 looking at Habitats and Year 4 looking at the importance of forests. 

Tullie House Trip

Year 4 had a superb day at Tullie House as part of their topic on Ancient Egyptians. They met an Egyptian Farmer's wife, had a look at some real and replica artefacts, as well as dressing up in traditional clothing. All of the children participated with intrigue and enthusiasm, particularly when having a go at mummifying 'Tutan Tullie!' A great inspirational day out which has deepened the children's understanding of this fascinating period in history. Well done everyone!

A Roman Visit

As part of their Topic learning on the Romans, the children enjoyed a visit to a local museum to discover Roman facts and study artifacts. 

Fabulous Artwork

In Year 4, the children learn and refine lots of artistic skills. Enjoy the selection of photographs below, showing their learning in Art.


The children demonstrated excellent collaboration and perseverance skills during their thrilling orienteering session(s).

Visiting Poet- Nick Makoha

Year 4 had a visit from a poet Nick Makoha. He inspired us with his love of reading, passion for writing and shared some of his work with us. We’ve been having a go in class at writing our own poems using similes, metaphors and personification, using some of the tips that Nick gave us. We really enjoyed being taught by a real life poet!


The children designed their own bookmarks and have been encouraged to choose and use a variety of simple stitches and colours; we were joined by some very kind volunteers – we had Mums and Dads and Grans and an Auntie, who helped the children with their sewing.

Trip to Brougham Castle

Year 4 had a great day out at Brougham Castle, to enhance their history topic on the Normans. It was fantastic to see many of the features of castles that we had been learning about in the classroom, and to see what it would have been like to live in a castle. We spotted the many arrow slits and thought we'd be quite good at hiding from enemies! A lovely way to finish off our topic, even the rain didn't stop the smiles! 

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