Welcome to the Maths Club page!

Maths Club is an after-school, extra-curricular activity for upper Key Stage 2 pupils. Mr. Gale and Mrs. Barrientos enjoy running this weekly club, on a Wednesday evening, in the Spring and Summer term(s). Take a look below at the exciting and active learning that happens each week.

Week 1: Angles!

This week, the children learnt a funky angle dance to remember the different types of angles, before being let loose on an angle hunt around KS2. The children worked collaboratively to solve the tricky angle problems, which were hidden in and around the corridors. They had to use their arithmetic and reasoning skills to find the missing angles.

Week 2: Circles!

The topic was circles this week in Maths Club. The children enjoyed constructing their own circles using string and chalk. Then, they had to use equipment to measure the radius and diameter of their circle(s). They even measured the printed semi-circles and circles on the playground and compared their size.

Week 3: Co-ordinates!

The children explored co-ordinates this week. They worked collaboratively to complete an exciting co-ordinate task. In teams, the children had to race down the yard to retrieve a co-ordinate then race back and accurately plot it as a team, on their quadrant grids. They repeated this process until they had plotted all the points and then they joined them up to reveal a shape.  

Weeks 4 and 5: Reflections!

This week, the children collaboratively explored reflections. They worked in teams, taking it in turns to roll dice to plot co-ordinates. They then had to match-up their co-ordinates to create a shape, which they had to reflect in the X and Y axis on their quadrant grids. The children also enjoyed exploring some multiplication magic!

Weeks 6 and 7: Data Handling!

The children enjoyed asking staff members questions to gather data. Topics included: favourite food, subject, colour, animal and even their greatest fear! The children collected their data in a tally chart and then represented their findings in both a bar chart and pictogram. They later generated questions based on their charts for their friends to solve.