The Year 5 children at Fairfield Primary School are taught by Mrs Erin Strickland and Mrs Emily Clarke, with classroom support and interventions led by Mrs Sarah Watton. We study a wide range of exciting topics including Georgian history in Cockermouth, The Victorians, Space, America, The Anglo Saxons and The Gunpowder Plot through to the English Civil War. There are lots of practical projects and collaborative work as well as independent study to cater for the learning styles of every child and we endeavour to provide real life experiences in as many of our topic areas as possible. We go to Alnwick for our annual residential and, this year, we have extended it to include a train ride to Edinburgh for a day. We hope the children will enjoy year 5 as much as we do!

KidSafe Sessions:

Year 5 will be taking part in KidSafe sessions this year as part of their PSHE learning and the school's commitment to safeguarding all children.

The sessions will be delivered by Mrs Clarke once a week for six weeks and will cover the topics outlined below:
- trust and how to identify trusted adults
- how to keep safe
- how to identify feelings such as happy, sad, scared or worried(KidSafe refers to these negative emotions as 'yucky' feelings)
- bullying
- e-safety
- how to keep our bodies and private places safe

There are 3 main messages for the children to take away:
- say 'no'
- walk away
- tell a trusted adult

If you have any questions or concerns about the programme, an information session for parents/carers will be held on Monday 17th September at 5pm. 

Mrs Strickland

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Clarke

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Watton

Year 5 Support

Year 5

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