Welcome to the Fairfield Primary School Parent Teacher Association

The PTA work very hard to organise events in order to raise funds for the school. One of the most recent purchases by the PTA was the outdoor play area in the Key Stage 2 play area. Not only do they raise funds through their events but the events are family orientated and lots of fun. 

The PTA is an open organisation and is happy to welcome input from anybody that wishes to be involved (we have many people that help but do not have a named role). If you wish to be involved then you may attend on of their meetings. Their meetings are held on the first Wednesday of every month at 7pm in Fredericks. Should you wish to speak directly to one of the team then their names are listed below:

Chris Bond (Chair)
Danette Bostock (Secretary)
Sue McAllister (Treasurer)
Cath Thorpe (KS2 Vice/Deputy Chair)
Linda Wood (KS1/EYFS Vice/Deputy Chair)
Dave Edwards (Teacher Representative)

Summer Fair

15 June 2018

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