10 June 2018

Image of Life in the fast lane - Children learn about motorsport engineering!

Children in Year 4 and 5 thoroughly enjoyed an engineering day in school last week. We welcomed Sam Rawcliffe (Bentley Race Engineer) from M-Sport and Simon Farrell from the Institute of Mechanical Engineers who gave expert input into the day. The children were thrilled to have a real rally car in school and lots of different parts to various race vehicles on each work station to allow them to understand more about engineering. 

Throughtout the day they looked at:

1 - Electronics - We had a real lamp setup from a WRC car and children had to build circuits containing similar componants.

2 - Crash Structures - We talked about how it was important to protect drivers and co-drivers. It was a very popular session as they had to protect their egg driver from injury!

3 - Brakes - We looked at the brakes of a race car and they experiments with different materials.

4 - Weight - They enjoyed whizzing around with remote controlled Bentley race cars looking at how weight affected performance. 

5 - Car Comparison - Another super session where children were identifying differences between road cars and rally cars.

6 - Springs and weights - again, with help from real componants, children investigated how weight affected springs and what type of springs would be useful to different tracks. 

It was a brilliant day and the children learned such a lot. We hope that is has inspired children to think about engineering and how it is all around us.

M-Sport Engineering Day

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