British Science Week 2019

This week every child at Fairfield has participated in British Science Week. The aim of the week is to encourage a sense of wonder and excitement through science learning and we have certainly seen that at Fairfield!

Through the theme of ‘journeys’ we have learnt about life in a variety of ways…

Early Years and Key Stage One have learnt about life cycles and are playing host to caterpillars in their classrooms. They are currently watching the caterpillars grow and create their chrysalises – hopefully they will have emerged as butterflies which can then be released into the wild by the Easter holidays!

Years Three and Four have taken a journey through Spring. Following a nature walk around Cockermouth they created journey sticks and maps to show the plants and animals they encountered, from daffodils and blossom to lambs and even a red squirrel! They have been busy investigating different habitats around Cockermouth and considering how organisms are adapted to life in different places.

Years Five and Six have been investigating life in extreme places, beginning with a study of ‘extremophiles’ – organisms who survive in places other creatures would find inhospitable. Following this, they discussed how scientists plan experiments in places humans can’t yet reach by investigating samples of soil similar to those found on Mars. They used their understanding of acids and alkalis, evaporation, filtration and the importance of close observation to determine which soil was most like that found on Mars before determining if microorganisms were present by adding a warmed sugar solution to the soil samples.

A great week of creative investigation and STEM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) learning has been enjoyed by all!