In Autumn Term 2, Year 3 will be studying ‘Rocks and Soils’ in Science and ‘What makes the Earth Angry?’ in our Geography topic.  To start our new subject areas we thought it would be a great start to go and look at Honister Slate mine.  The Year 3 children were geared up in there hard hats and off they went. 

The children walked along the old mine track into the different areas of the mine, they listened to a young boy called John who was  eight, who had just started his working life down the mine.  Next, the children looked at how the miners would extract the rock from inside the cave, a couple of children even had a go at using a detonator to extract some rock!

The children continued down the mine route, which was quite low in parts!  Our tour guide Tori explained to the children how mining evolved over the years, the children then listened John’s story again but as an adult.

To finish the tour the children walked further down into the mine to see where Honister Slate Mine have their big screen where they put on different events.

The children all had a wonderful insight into different rocks and what life was like for the miners in the early 1900s.