16 February 2020

Image of National Storytelling Week!

We had a fantastic time celebrating National Storytelling Week in school. 

Assemblies were held each day, with members of the Senior Leadership Team sharing their favourite childhood story. Each assembly concluded with a Year 5 pupil sharing their entry to the BBC Radio 2 500 Words Competition.

As well as the above, the following events also took place:

Year 6 had a fantastic experience as they visited Cockermouth School to meet author Matt Dickinson and hear about his inspiration for writing his best-selling books as well as his expeditions exploring Everest. The children then got a tour of Cockermouth School's Library and an opportunity to see the vast array of books available. The children were highly praised for their attitude, manners and enthusiasm for reading.

Later the same day, Year 6 pupils shared 'Mr. Men and Little Miss' books with our Reception and Nursery children. It was lovely to see the smiles on all the children's faces as they enjoyed the texts and each other's company.

Year 4 were also lucky enough to have the opportunity to meet Matt Dickinson, author and film maker, and adventurer. He talked to the children about his real life Everest and Antarctic expeditions. He also introduced the children to the characters in his latest book, the Popcorn-Eating Squirrels, who apparently go nuts on Everest. The children also heard Cockermouth School students share pieces of their impressive, creative writing.

Year 3 enjoyed a visit from local journalist and parent Ms. Jary, who shared her experiences in journalism with the children and pupils got creative by reading and writing interesting articles.

Year 2 headed out of school and visited Cockermouth Library, where they enjoyed a tour, stories and lots of fun reading activities.

In Year 1, to celebrate National Storytelling Week, the children (and staff) enjoyed a reading cafe and brought in their favourite stories from home. It was great to see the children reading and sharing so many fantastic books.

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