With the school closures taking place ‘until further notice’, we have been working on resources children can access from home for all year groups.


This is a very tricky task as many will not have all of the resources needed at home and new learning can often require teacher support. The engagement with the activities is not compulsory and they are designed to consolidate what the children already know.


When supporting children to engage with home learning activities, it is important to allow some freedom of choice, balance the time across the different areas and also allow time to have some relaxation and fresh air and physical activity where possible. If you are using the resources, feel free to look through other year groups, use the ideas as starting points or devise your own learning experiences for them.


We have designed a two-phase approach described below:


Phase 1:


We have created an area of the school website through which children can access resources. The resources here will be linked to the core subjects and will be aimed at the age-related expectations of the year group. We plan to continue to develop and populate this over the next week up until the Easter break. This will then continue after the Easter break until school resumes.


In addition to an area for each year group, there is an ever-growing list of websites children can access to provide fun and engaging activities. Login details are provided if needed.


Each page will be updated later today with a suggested daily timetable linked to the age of the children.


To access the page visit: https://www.fairfieldprimary.co.uk/pupils/working-at-home


Menu access: Home – Pupils – Work from Home


Phase 2:


Following the Easter break we plan to open a new area of ClassDojo to allow for online learning and engagement with our teachers. This function will allow teachers to demonstrate new learning through videos or messages, allow them to set assignments and allow children send work in and receive feedback.