18 December 2020

Image of Makaton: 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas'...

This year, our wonderful children learnt the skill of Makaton signing in order to perform a special Christmas song for all their family and friends. We hope you enjoy our performances.

Year 6: Mrs. Strickland's Class

Year 6: Mrs. Winter's Class

Year 5: Mrs. Wadsworth's Class

Year 5: Miss. Moss' Class

Year 4: Mrs. Harris' Class

Year 4: Mrs. Taylor's Class

Year 3: Mr Gale's and Mrs. Turk's Class

Year 3: Mrs. Todhunter's Class

Year 2: Mr. Barton's Class

Year 2: Mrs. Mossom's Class

Year 1: Miss. Edminson's Class

Year 1: Miss. Robinson's Class

Reception: Mrs. Barrow's Class

Reception: Mrs. Newby's Class

Nursery: The Friendly Frogs

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