15 February 2022

Image of A Wonderful Half-Term!

Well that concludes an incredibly busy half-term at Fairfield and it's been another wonderful week of learning.

In Nursery, a band was formed with the Friendly Frogs exploring music and instruments as part of their learning.

Our Reception 'kids' were visited by two extra 'kids' this morning... the children were very excited to feed the baby goats and see them up-close. There have been human visitors too with a magistrate talking to pupils all about Law and Order and the importance of a Court of Law. 

In Key Stage One, our fabulous Nurture Group children have enjoyed trips to Whinlatter to explore the area and carry-out some bird watching as part of their topic on Birds and Nature. In other news, in Year 1, the STEM lab was in action this morning as children explored sounds and music- it was very exciting exploring different instruments! In Year 2, children visited All Saints' Church as part of their Religious Education topic on 'The knowledge of Jesus and Christianity'. The children were highly commended for their respectful attitude and thoughtful questions.

In Key Stage Two, Year 3 have been constructing Greek temples and learning about the significance of the buildings, their architecture and their links to local buildings. Meanwhile, Year 4 have designed and built incredible lighthouses as part of their D&T topic and even managed to correctly construct an electrical circuit to light up their bulbs- this aspect linked to their Science study on Electricity. They have also 'walked like Egyptians' by performing their final dance routines as part of their Dance topic in PE. Year 5 have been out and about orienteering as part of PE and Class 5IB concluded their half-term of Forest School with a whole day of adventures and activity (fuelled by a sausage sandwich and hot chocolate around the campfire). In Year 6, children have continued to produce impressive, extended pieces of writing based on Macbeth... the children are excited to share their work.

On behalf of the whole team, we hope you have a fantastic half-term break.

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