27 March 2022

Image of A Glorious Week of Enriched Learning!

A week of enriched learning in the glorious sunshine...

In Nursery, the Friendly Frogs' new, outdoor, small world area was officially opened- it is proving very popular amongst our youngest learners. In addition, two very special, springtime visitors joined our Nursery for a morning session. It's fair to say the children had a wonderful experience caring for, cuddling and feeding the lovely, little lambs.

In Reception, children have been using weighing scales to compare the weight of different items of treasure that they found around the classroom. The children compared which piece of treasure was heavier and which one was lighter. They even managed to balance the scales! Lots of new mathematical vocabulary was learnt.

In Key Stage 1, it's fair to say Year 1 have had an adventurous week. As part of their Geography work on polar climates, they were extremely lucky to handle some clothing and items that were used by an Antarctica explorer! The children discussed how these items were essential as it would be very cold; fortunately they didn't need the thermals at breaktime in the Cockermouth sunshine! Year 1 also had fun testing their shelters against the elements of wind and rain as part of their DT evaluation lesson. In Year 2, the children have officially moved into their new classrooms; the children (and staff) are loving their new learning space(s).

In Key Stage 2, Year 3 have started their next CREST challenge in Science and STEM. The children were working in teams to design a discus for a competition next week. The children were using three different fillings in the final design, to see which filling would result in the discus travel the furthest. Lots of working scientifically skills have been applied. In Year 4 Computing, pupils have been continuing with their Photo Editing topic. The children have been using lots of different tools and effects to effectively change their cloud images, linked to the Geography topic of study. As part of their Geography lessons, Year 4 have started to explore Mountains and have used a range of no-fiction texts and geographical resources to accurately locate different mountain ranges around the world. Year 4 have also enjoyed tennis lessons this week and have completed their landscape paintings in the style of Claude Monet and the Impressionists. To achieve this, the technique of impasto was applied alongside stippling and cross-hatching to achieve tone and texture.

Meanwhile, Year 5 have been discovering the science of cheese! They used warm milk and lemon juice and observed what happened; the children then separated the curds and whey. Once pressed, the curds become cheese! This was a very intriguing investigation linked to Year 5's Science Curriculum. Finally, in Year 6, pupils have enjoyed studying the settings from Goodnight Mister Tom. They will apply their study to an extended piece of creative writing next week.

All that is left to say is Happy Mother's Day from all the Fairfield Family and we look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for the final week of the Spring Term.

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