3 July 2022

Image of More fabulous learning at Fairfield...

More fabulous learning at Fairfield...

In Nursery, our fantastic Friendly Frogs went on a walk to our wonderful school field, where they worked on their gross motor skills, observed beautiful aspects of nature and further developed their collaboration skills when playing with the colourful parachute. Our Nursery children have also been developing their yoga skills before hometime. As well as this, marvellous mathematics has occurred with pupils matching number to quantity, number printing, counting and using their fingers to show numbers! It's no wonder they settled so well into Reception during our move-up morning on Wednesday. Meanwhile, in Reception, the children have enjoyed a trip to Cockermouth Castle to put to the test, their knowledge from their recent topic of study on Castles. Reception have also enjoyed their new book, 'Sharing a Shell' by Julia Donaldson and have been brilliant at retelling, recalling and sequencing the main events in the story.

In Key Stage 1, in Year 1 Science, the children have been exploring the parts of a plant and using magnifying glasses to investigate tomato plants. In Design and Technology, Year 1 have made fruit kebabs, which gave them an opportunity to practise their cutting skills to safely prepare their fruit snacks. Meanwhile in Computing, Year 1 have been enhancing their word processing skills using Microsoft Word. In Music, Year 1 took over the STEM Lab to perform using the glockenspiels on Friday afternoon, before heading outside for their PE lesson focused on athletics. In Year 2, the children have been enjoying active PE lessons focused on rounders and developing the skills of striking and fielding. In Design and Technology, the children have created stunning, healthy wraps. As part of our safeguarding curriculum, the children have learnt how to use kitchen knives safely and eat healthily, which links perfectly to their Science study and enhances their knowledge and skills from Year 1.

In Key Stage 2, Year 3 have been learning about where our food comes from and whether it is imported or exported, in Geography. This forms part of their international trade topic. They enjoyed using atlases to locate the exporting countries. In Science, Year 3 participated in two experiments to find out how water is transported through the stem of a plant.

In the first experiment, the children placed a stick of celery in a glass of water containing food colouring before observing what had happened to the celery. They were able to see that the red food colouring and water had been transported through the celery. In the second experiment, the children transported water from one cup to the other using a piece of kitchen roll to mimic the job of the stem. As well as thoroughly enjoying a very active residential last week, in PSHE/RSHE, Year 4 have been exploring how they can make choices to keep their bodies and minds healthy. To do this, they took a close look at a range of scenarios and in their groups the children used a ‘How healthy?’ continuum to rank these choices, which promoted excellent discussion and healthy debate.

Year 5 have started work on their Shakespearean play of study, 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'. In their first lesson, they went outside, to familiarise themselves with the play, with the help of a few props and people acting out the parts. Since then, they have produced some outstanding pieces of work based on the play. In addition, Year 5 have been very engaged in their Computing this week. They have been working on a website called J2Data and having been finding out the relevant data and using this to answer questions. Meanwhile, in Science, Year 5 have been using weighing scales and Newton meters to measure the mass (kg) and weight {N} of different objects. They then looked at the link between mass and weight and discovered that mass is about 100 times larger than weight! Sticking with the theme of Science, Year 6 have been investigating reflecting light rays. They have been excited to use some of the scientific equipment we have received as part of the wonderful Ogden Trust. As well as this, they've been outdoors investigating their very own shadows and making shadow puppets as they begin work on the topic ‘How We See’- they've already learnt that our eyes are absolutely incredible! In Computing, the children have been very creative as they have been using a 3D website, called Tinkercad and they have created their own homes and name tags! In Maths, Year 6 used the wonderful outdoors for a practical, active measuring lesson! A highlight of the Year 6 calendar is always the Young Speakers competition. Last week, our talented Year 6 children performed their speeches to a Year 4 audience, who listened beautifully and they even had a wonderful panel of adult judges! We wish Chrissie, who has been chosen as our school representative, all the very best for the competition on Tuesday evening.

Wow, what an incredibly busy week and we are now making the final preparations for our Grand Days Out, Summer Fair and our EYFS Sports Days, which will all take place this week.

See you all bright and early in the morning!

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