2 August 2022

Image of The final full week... more fabulous learning!

The final full week of the term delivered lots more smiles and fabulous learning.

As well as a fantastic 'Water Fest' morning, our Nursery pupils have enjoyed the sunshine but they have been learning about how important it is to look after themselves in the sun- this forms part of our safeguarding curriculum. This week has also seen our Friendly Frogs harvest their homegrown potatoes... naturally they had to sample them in the form of tasty chips! In Reception, the children have been impressing the team (as always) with their incredible phonics progress and their amazing writing skills!

Meanwhile in Key Stage 1, Year 1 have had a wonderful final day in the forest! They enjoyed building dens, climbing, sitting round the fire circle chatting with friends and enjoying delicious sausage sandwiches. In Maths this week, Year 1 have been focusing on position and direction. On Monday morning, they were busy programming Bee-Bots using the vocabulary of left, right, forwards and backwards. Moreover, the children made a delicious super crunch fruit pot on Thursday afternoon as they concluded their Design & Technology unit on ‘Food and Nutrition’. The children demonstrated wonderful cutting techniques, using the claw grip and bridge hold, to carefully cut strawberries for their healthy snack- this forms part of our safeguarding curriculum. Meanwhile, Year 2 have been developing their understanding of units of measure by measuring the volume of water using ml and l. Year 2 have also enjoyed a visit to All Saints' church on Thursday, which provided an excellent conclusion to this half-term's RE topic.

In Key Stage 2, there was competitive spirit in the air as Year 3 and Year 4 took part in a splendid competition as part of their PE sessions this week. An excellent time was had by all up at the school field playing scatter ball. The children were in mixed teams of Year 3 and Year 4 and they demonstrated amazing teamwork, determination, perseverance and sportsmanship. As well as this, Year 4 have been finding factors of given numbers in Maths. They’ve discovered that some numbers only have one factor pair so had to be tasked with finding prime numbers - they are definitely Year 5 ready! Additionally, to conclude their Science topic this half-term, Year 4 have been considering the question, ‘What if humans had never lived on Earth?’ The children prepared and presented some very thought-provoking presentations. As part of our close transition work with Cockermouth School, Year 5 have enjoyed a couple of visits to Cockermouth School this week. On Monday, they had a great morning and enjoyed a tour of the school and excellent PE sessions, which included: rounders, relays and long jump! On Friday, Year 5 spent the entire day at Cockermouth School participating in a very exciting humanities day and had a wonderful lunch! Thank you Cockermouth School ! Meanwhile, as well as enjoying the start of their leavers' activities this week, Year 6 have also concluded their Art topic and created stunning Art and Religion sketch book pages to conclude their learning and showcase their skill. We are really looking forward to all the leavers' celebrations this week.

We hope all of our families have had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and we have no doubt that we will have lots of proud parents and guardians following the uploading of the children's end of year reports on Friday.

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