29 January 2023

Image of Year Group Spotlight: Year 4

Curriculum Celebration: Year 4

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be celebrating the fabulous learning that has been happening so far in the Spring Term, within each year group.

This evening, we spotlight Year 4.

In English, Year 4 are studying the gripping text, ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’ and have been deeply engrossed in reading along. The family in the story have sold everything and begun an adventure sailing around the world. Year 4 have been busy considering, in a balanced argument, the pros and cons of this and have produced some impressive written work, which is now proudly displayed in their classrooms.

In Maths, Year 4 enjoyed consolidating their knowledge of Roman Numerals, and using this to add numbers together. They've even been having a go at writing their answers in Roman Numerals; they do enjoy a challenge and Active Maths! During their daily Times Tables lessons, the children have been working hard consolidating previously taught tables and exploring new ones. One of their favourite times tables games is ‘3 in a row.’ The children enjoyed showing their families this game during our recent Times Table Workshop for parents/ guardians. In recent Maths lessons, the children have been exploring equivalent fractions. In their first lesson on this topic, they enjoyed participating in a game of matching pairs to consolidate their prior knowledge- they had to apply their times tables to this task.

In Science, Year 4 have started their new topic on 'electricity'. In the first lesson, the children tried a number of ways to make the energy stick light up and sing, and managed to make a human circuit with all of the children in Year 4! A great way to start their topic! In a recent lesson, Year 4 enjoyed working in our STEM lab to create complete and incomplete circuits and applied their understanding to how the energy stick worked in the first lesson. There was much excitement when they enabled their appliances to work!

In PE, there has been excitement in the air too, as the children have started their new topic of 'tennis'. The children are very fortunate this half-term as they are being taught by a specialist coach and are already showing wonderful progression of skills on the tennis courts. Meanwhile, last Friday, our Year 4 hockey team was in action at a tournament at Cockermouth School. We are still awaiting the final results but the team demonstrated fantastic skills and values both on and off the pitch.

In PSHE, Year 4 have been thinking about opinions, similarities and differences. In a recent lesson, their challenge was to try to get their partner to draw what they were describing to them, without mentioning what the object was. Through this activity, the children were understanding that, sometimes, people see things differently to how they do.

Year 4 have been on a beautiful rivers walk as part of their Geography topic 'Rivers'. The children studied the different parts of the rivers, which they have been learning about in class. Cockermouth is a confluence town, where the River Cocker meets the River Derwent; the children looked at the confluence and had a lovely discussion about how Cockermouth got its name. The children looked at the meander below the castle, on the River Derwent and located the deposition and erosion. The children also discussed why the bridges are important over the rivers, whilst standing on Millers Bridge (across the river, once stood a mill). Year 4 also saw a tributary towards the end of the wonderful winter walk, flowing into the River Cocker.

In Design and Technology, the children have been engrossed in their topic on 'Lighthouse Construction', which links to their Science learning. In the construction lessons, their first job was to consult on their plans and gather their resources together before they could begin the build. Lots of problem solving skills, perseverance and resilience was required. Once their model was built, they then had to apply their knowledge from Science (on working circuits) and add their circuits to ensure their bulbs could light-up! Amazingly, their lighthouses all lit-up, using a switch! What a wonderful example each and every one of our talented Year 4 pupils demonstrated of our school values, throughout this unit of work. They will conclude by evaluating their finished products.

These are just some of the many highlights of Year 4's learning so far this half-term. We are incredibly proud of how Year 4 are progressing in all subjects and their resilience, dedication, perseverance and hardworking ethos in their daily Times Tables lessons and reading sessions, in particular, is simply exemplary.

Well done Team Year 4!

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