22 November 2023

Image of United Utilities Workshop: Eco Council & KS1 Assembly

This morning, children in Key Stage 1 enjoyed a very informative Water Workshop assembly. Children thought about what we use water for, found out about where our water comes from and reflected on how much water we use. It was very surprising to find out that one person can use around 150L of water a day!

To conclude, the children made a water promise and pledged to be a 'H2O Hero' by saving water.

After the assembly, our Eco Council were able to participate in a different Water Workshop lead by the Lake District National Park Education Team in partnership with United Utilities. The children explored how we use water, the link between water use and energy consumption and the importance of reducing water wastage. As a team, they discussed the positive actions that the children can make to reduce their water consumption and possible strategies that can be implemented across the school. They also learnt all about 'Stop the Block' where they discovered how our actions can impact our sewage system before conducting an experiment to understand what we should and should be putting down our toilets! The children worked very hard and had a fantastic morning.

Thank you United Utilities

Tags: Year 2 Eco Council Science Year 1 KS1