On Wednesday, Year 4 had a very successful trip to Tullie House in Carlisle to take part in a range of activities during their 'Egyptian Week'. This fitted in perfectly with the topic the children are studying during the Spring term. From the minute they arrived it was hands-on activities and learning.

Face masks and ushabtis were created. (Ushabtis are small stuatues, buried alongside a mummy,  representing a person who would perform a given task for the deceased in the afterlife.) The children are now also experts in the gruesome process of preparing a body for mummification. There were opportunities to learn about food, hieroglyphics and fashion. The highlight for many was meeting an Egyptian washer-woman who knew just about anything and everything there was to know. No question stumped her and her story telling was captivating. 

All too soon it was time to return to the school with imaginations fired.

We would like to thank all the adults who accompanied the trip. Mrs Sutton, Mrs Harris and Mr Edwards were so proud of the behaviour of the Fairfield children.

Tullie House