Respondents: 55


Firstly, thank you to all those that took the time to complete our survey. Your feedback is vital in allowing us to develop the provision further in the future. With your input we can build a service that meets the needs of our families.


It was fantastic to see that some many of the service users are very happy with the provision. The staff work really hard to ensure that children are well looked after and catered for. It is a truly fantastic facility and the children are very happy whilst there.


In response to a number of the questions, we have put together a number of actions for moving forwards.


1 – We are currently reviewing the blocks of time for booking. We are aiming to open slightly earlier and close slightly later but we will need to consult a number of people and perform a number of alterations to allow this to happen.  We will write to you in the near future with the alterations we are able to make.


2 – In response to the snacks on offer, we will be making porridge available every morning, in addition to the brown and white toast and fruit that are already already available. We do offer a range of cereals and will continue to do so but will restrict the chocolate based one to three days per week. A menu will be made available in the very near future. Also, if you have any preferences on which breakfast/snacks your child should be offered, then please speak to Mrs Lee.


3 – We will relay all comments made around the third party booking system to School Money and ask they look into any improvements they can make. A number of comments made seemed to be due to lack of understanding of how to use the system. Mrs Lee is going to offer a demonstration session to any new users and is always available to answer questions about the booking system. 


4 – Moving forwards, Mrs Lee and her team will provide a more information on the school website, including a general after school timetable which is on the WAC Info board and is available if anyone would like a copy.  In addition to this, themed activities such as Chinese New Year, Easter, parties etc. will be posted on dojo. We are also currently updating our prospectus/policies and they will soon be available on the website. 


5 – It was clear that WAC user would be in favour of a Holiday Club. We have added some further questions around this to the School Survey that will be launched shortly and we will use those findings to plan future developments in this area.


Once again, thank you for taking part.


Mr C Steele