21 May 2022

Image of There's nothing better than learning!

There's nothing better than learning...

Our Friendly Frogs have been busy hunting for minibeasts in their outdoor area. As part of their topic “Minibeasts”, they had some special visitors, African land snails! As you can see it was exciting to explore the snails. Meanwhile, Reception have also been studying minibeasts and held their very own snail race during which the children recalled key vocabulary and studied their similarities and differences. All snails were safely returned to the wild afterwards.

In Key Stage 1, Year 1 kick started the week with super Science by sorting animals based on their diet, using the scientific vocabulary of carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. In Year 2, beautiful artwork inspired by Georgia O'Keefe (Year 2's artist of study this half-term) has taken shape. The children are looking forward to adding watercolours next week.

In Key Stage 2, Year 3 have enjoyed active, outdoor Maths lessons solving problems involving money as well as recapping prior learning on division facts. In Year 4, in Computing this week, the children have been analysing data from a water cooling experiment and they have also been looking at data from light levels. Year 4 also enjoyed replenishing their book shelves in class after an enjoyable reading session in our lovely school library. Earlier this week, Year 4 made the most of the sunshine by completing their spelling lesson using chalk and our paving slabs! Meanwhile, Year 5 have been working hard on their Geography topic, South America and have enjoyed studying maps, atlases and other geographical resources to locate many physical aspects of this fascinating continent. Finally, our Year 6s are learning all about Hindu weddings as part of their marriage celebration topic in RE and have produced beautiful work so far in their RE books. In Science, pupils studied variation and the features that we inherit genetically from our parents... Mr Men and Little Miss helped them with this.

We also received the news today that our cross country team, who represented school yesterday, were crowned the overall winners of the festival! Well done to all those involved.

We are now busy making the final preparations for our wonderful Jubilee celebrations next week.

Have a great weekend everyone.

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