21 May 2022

Image of Year 4: Art Gallery Visit!

Year 4 had a super visit to Castlegate Art Gallery on Monday. The children really listened well as Mr. Swallow, the gallery’s owner, told them about local artist, Sheila Fell. She is acclaimed for her landscapes and studies of everyday life in and around her hometown of Aspatria and in West Cumbria during the 1950s/60s and 70s. She was inspired by the work of the impressionists. Many techniques she used were similar to those Year 4 have learned such as: stippling, cross-hatching, broken colour and impasto as part of their recent Art topic of study.

The children got to see three pieces of original artwork by Sheila Fell and a painting by French impressionist Pierre Adolph Valette, who spent many years living and painting in the north of England. There were many other interesting works of art and sculpture for them to see, many of which were abstract in style ... a lovely link back to their art topic in the autumn term.

A huge thank-you to Mr and Mrs Swallow for welcoming our Year 4 children to their beautiful gallery.



Tags: Year 4 KS2 Art