12 December 2022

Image of Wow... it's been another busy week here at Fairfield...

Wow... it's been another busy week here at Fairfield...

In Nursery, the Friendly Frogs have been working on their fine motor skills, extending their story vocabulary and recalling skills, developing their independence in learning, working on their number recognition and counting skills, learning about different climates and weather (linked to their Geography topic of study) as well as remembering to be kind and share- all whilst having lots of fun! On Wednesday, Nursery had a very special visitor- a dental nurse- who came into school to tell them all about keeping their teeth healthy. They also talked about how important diet is when looking after our teeth and all the children received a brushing chart to take home. As snow fell on Thursday, the Friendly Frigs raced outdoors to see how many flakes they could catch- it was a very festive atmosphere!

In Reception, in Maths, the children used objects to help them work out how to take away one. Some of the children were able count back and know one less than, by seeing a number-line in their head. The children are certainly getting more familiar with the different Maths symbols, which they can use in their Maths sentences. Reception have also been very busy finalising their productions, ready for next week's performances to parents/guardians- the singing, linking to their Music study, is very impressive! In Phonics, the children have been working very hard perfecting and practising new sounds and recalling prior learning, including reading tricky words with increased fluency.

In Key Stage One, in PE, the Year 1 children have enjoyed their final cricket session with a specialist coach. The children have learned so many new skills and are now much more competent cricketers! In Maths, Year 1 have been learning all about money. As part of this, on Wednesday, the children looked at different ways that they could make different amounts. The children have also been practising their reasoning skills in tricky problems. In Computing, the children have been busy producing digital artwork, which are now proudly on display in the classroom. In RE, the children have continued with their study of the Christian Christmas Celebration. They focused on the traditions associated with the celebration.

Meanwhile, in Year 2, during their PE session on Monday, fantastic sequences were created in gymnastics- combining their travelling, balancing and rolling skills. In Maths, Year 2 were also studying money. On Thursday, the children went shopping- adding amounts of money. They had to calculate how much change they would have left over from £1 and find extra items they could purchase with their change. On Friday, the children concluded their D&T study this half-term, by completing an analysis and an evaluation of their two main ‘makes’. The children were very reflective and generated suggestions as to how they could further improve and/or refine their skills next time. Evaluation is an important strand of our new, D&T curriculum. In Computing, Year 2 went on a mini-outing to the KS2 grounds. The children had a great time exploring and taking photos. This was part of their Computing lesson on Digital Photography.

In Key Stage Two, Year 3 have been completing their Geography topic on 'Earthquakes, Volcanoes and Tsunamis'. This week, they learnt all about earthquakes, why they happen, how they are measured and the link to tsunamis. The children particularly enjoyed working collaboratively to order the statements about the effects earthquakes would have from low down on the Richter scale to the upper end before using Oreos to demonstrate the movement of the tectonic plates! On Thursday afternoon, Year 3 used different musical instruments as part of their music lesson. The children were busy finding the pulse and playing the notes c, f and g to the song they have been learning, in Music, over the past few weeks. The children have also been improvising answers to musical questions. This week, in Writing, the children have been busy finishing their non-chronological reports on the journey of a rock. The children have demonstrated great retrieval skills, drawing upon their learning from their Rocks topic, in Science. On Friday, Class 3JB enjoyed a wholesome day in the forest together, to conclude their Forest School unit of work for this term. The children thoroughly enjoyed making the finishing touches to their Stone Age style dens (linked to their History topic) before taking a frosty walk through the forest to appreciate the landscape and the great outdoors. They had built up an appetite so naturally, needed a sausage sandwich and toasted marshmallows!

In Year 4, a cold but beautiful winter morning provided the perfect setting for a hockey coaching session with Miss Hutton from Cockermouth School. Hockey is Year 4's current topic of study so it was wonderful to have the link with a specialist PE teacher from Cockermouth School. Who would have thought that the last hockey lesson of the term would have been concluded in the snow! It’s safe to say, we had some very excited children! In SPaG, Year 4 have been looking at using apostrophes for contractions. It can be tricky to decide where the apostrophe needs to be, so the children wrote each letter on post it notes and replaced the letters they took away with an apostrophe. Great work Year 4!

In Upper Key Stage Two, Year 5 enjoyed the practical session of their D&T topic of study- 'Snack Attack' on Friday by making some healthy, wholesome dips. The children worked collaboratively and demonstrated lots of safe techniques when cutting, slicing and dicing the different ingredients- this also links to our safeguarding curriculum. Meanwhile, in Art, the children have continued to enjoy their topic of study this half-term on 'Surrealism' and in PE, the children have demonstrated excellent attitudes when completing activities in Athletics.

Year 6 had an incredible learning experience at start the week on Monday morning. The children were able to become real life nature detectives as they dissected real owl pellets to identify what it had been eating. The children discovered lots of fur, different bones, tiny skulls and claws as they pieced together the diet of a barn owl. The pupils used tweezers, magnifying glasses and microscopes in our STEM lab in a very scientific approach to our investigation. This activity links closely with their work on ‘Skellig’ completed in the first half of the Autumn term, in which owl pellets and their contents give clues as to the true nature of the character of Skellig. It was wonderful to see the children working together and the excitement generated with each new discovery. In Art, the children enjoyed finding out about Albrecht Durer’s printing techniques and created an information page in their sketch books as well as sketching his famous Praying Hands masterpiece- all linked to their current topic of study 'The Art of Anatomy'. In Science, the children added the final touches and information to their drugs and alcohol posters, which links to their current Science topic of study on ' A journey through your body'. In languages, the children participated in a French, fashion show to showcase their learning on the different items of clothing in French.

We look forward to seeing you all tomorrow to start the final full week of the Autumn; we have many treats in store as it is the week of our Christmas performances!

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