13 December 2022

Image of Radiant Rivers Walk!

Today, Year 4 have been on a beautiful rivers walk as part of their Geography topic 'Rivers'.  The children had a magical, frosty local walk around Cockermouth, looking at the different parts of the rivers, which they have been learning about in class.  Cockermouth is a confluence town, where the River Cocker meets the River Derwent, the children looked at the confluence and we had a lovely discussion about how Cockermouth got its name.  The children looked at the meander below the castle, on the River Derwent and located the deposition and erosion.  The children also discussed why the bridges are important over the rivers, whilst standing on Millers Bridge (across the river, once stood a mill).  The children also saw a tributary towards the end of the wonderful winter walk, flowing into the River Cocker. A  wonderful, winters walk was enjoyed by all the children!

Tags: Year 4 Geography Rivers Cockermouth winter erosion meander tributary deposition confluence bridge