Art & Design Curriculum Statement

Our Art and Design curriculum aims to inspire children to express themselves creatively and imaginatively. Throughout the school, children will be introduced to a range of work by both famous and local artists. This will enable pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of a wide variety of artistic styles and to extend their vocabulary in this area.


We aim to provide our children with an Art and Design curriculum which enables them to become confident, creative and independent learners. We seek to broaden children's real-life experiences, both inside and outside of school, through educational visits, visitors, experimentation, exploration and discovery of a wide variety of art, in a range of media. 


We aim to provide children with the opportunities to develop and extend their proficiency and skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, collage, textiles, print and digital media. Our children will develop their skills progressively and will also be encouraged to think critically about art, be reflective, and evaluate their own work and that of others.


We believe that through the teaching of Art and Design, our children can acquire a range of knowledge and skills, which can be applied to enhance and enrich the learning that takes place in other curriculum subjects.

Art and Design is a subject of study that is highly valued and celebrated at Fairfield. Through this celebration, children gain an understanding of how art shapes our history and contributes to our culture, on both local, national and international levels.

Examples of Art Subject Maps

Art Curriculum Overview

Sketch Book Look: Examples of work from across the school

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