At Fairfield Primary School, we anticipated that returning after the 2021 closure wouldn’t necessarily be the same as the return to school following the 2020 long-term closure. This was due to a number of contributing factors:

  1. Pupils hadn’t experienced a summer break in-between;
  2. We further developed our home-learning offer, which included new skills/topics being delivered through daily class meetings and effective teaching videos;
  3. As well as providing extensive provision for all key worker children, we were extremely proactive in ensuring that all EHCP pupils and those deemed vulnerable, attended school full time.
  4. We recorded an extremely high percentage of engagement and participation in home-learning and as part of our extensive home-learning offer, interventions and support also continued remotely (See Appendix A).

Therefore, we felt the need was to prioritise social and emotional ‘recovery’ alongside explicit academic ‘catch-up’.

Please read the documents below for further detail, including a review of where we are up to (March 2022): 

Recovery Curriculum