Sports Council

At Fairfield Primary School our Sports Councillors are actively engaged in deciding on new initiatives to improve and develop sports provisions. Our enthusiastic team members are selected by their class mates based on their determination to support, review and build the physical education that is provided through school.

Each year the council are involved in speaking to their classes and informing them of our latest projects. The council do a great job of communicating ideas and being the voice of their year group. This is a great opportunity for them to share ideas and listen to the considerations of others which they can bring back to the meetings.

Each year the council reviews after school clubs and discusses what they would like to see on offer. This is influenced by discussions they have had with their own individual classes. The early meetings begin with councillors understanding what sport provision is going on around the school beyond their own class considering competitions and coaching sessions.

The latest projects completed by the Sports Council are the design and instalment of our new climbing wall, developing the timber trail in KS2 and selecting equipment, organising and maintaining playtime boxes and equipment sheds. Work for the climbing wall began with brainstorming ideas for the shape, design and complexity of the climbing wall. The children met with the designers, ran in school competitions and visited the site where the climbing wall was built. They even got to add some finishing touches to the wall itself! The children met and discussed the current timber trail on the KS2 site and they considered the best designs to extend the provision over the field. We discussed the advantages of some of the apparatus and safety features. They worked together to select a suitable variety of obstacles and what equipment provided this range. This led to the successful instalment of Phase 2 of the timber trail in KS2 that also included an outdoor classroom. The children’s continued task has been to provide and monitor playtime equipment for the children in KS1 and KS2. Last year the council were in charge of introducing new equipment sheds to their year groups and they were responsible for deciding on suitable, durable and enjoyable sports apparatus to fill the boxes. This year the council have recently reviewed the durability of this equipment and are working to clear and restock the boxes where necessary. They have had access to the PE stores and sensibly selected new equipment to fill the boxes. The children monitor these boxes and are in charge of their distribution during play.

The Sports Council are now beginning to look at how they can report sport updates around the school using Class Dojo and video recordings for the website. They will be seeking opportunities to inform others around the school about upcoming competitions, ongoing inter and intra school competitions and live feeds from our council meetings. We look forward to the new projects and challenges ahead!

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