Counselling is available at Fairfield School as part of our pastoral support to pupils to help promote well-being, relieve any tensions and enable a greater capacity for coping and enjoying life which ultimately impacts on the ability to learn successfully.

Counselling is a way of helping through a process of talking, listening and empowerment. Thus allowing pupils to work through feelings of inner conflict and gain understanding and their situation.

Pupils are provided with a safe place in which to express their feelings and thoughts in a safe and homely environment.

Pupils may have issues relating to bereavement, loss, family breakdown, relationship difficulties, anxiety etc. Without support these issues could lead to deterioration in behaviour, attitude and mental health and impact negatively on the ability to learn.

All pupils are entitled to confidentiality but whilst acknowledging that confidentiality is crucial it can not be absolute in any counselling relationship. Due to pupils being at risk of significant harm, this would result in the counsellor initiating the school's child protection policy.

Counselling Referral Form

Fairfield Primary Counselling Service