The following page contains up-to-date information about the schools response to COVID-19 and the plans moving forwards. It also has all of the recent communications as well as relevant government guidance and links. 

Provisional timetable of phased return:

Date   Group
Monday 1st June Keyworker & Vulnerable child group 
Wednesday 3rd June  Year 6
Tuesday 9th June Nursery
Thursday 11th June Reception
Thursday 16th June Year 1


The dates are provisional and will be confirmed as soon as we can before that date. Along with the confirmation, you will also receive details of your child(ren)’s grouping and their drop off/pick up points and times.  

What happens if my child develops symptoms at school?

Any child (or adult) who develops symptoms in school will be immediately isolated to our allocated medical room. Children will be supervised whilst we make contact with parents to arrange immediate collection. We will then give direction to the parent about how to access the COVID-19 testing system. 

If the test returns a negative result, the child is free to return to school. 

If the test returns a positive result, the child and their household members, will need to isolate for 14 days.

What happens if a child in the group tests positive?
If a child within your child’s group tests positive, the whole group will be sent home and will be advised to isolate for 14 days.  The household members of the children in that group, do not need to self-isolate unless their child subsequently develops symptoms.
Is Wraparound Care available?

Sadly, due to the number of small groups we have to use and the fact our plan utilises many areas of our building and our whole staff resource, we are unable to offer our wraparound service (or after school clubs) at the moment. 

Key worker provision will continue to run until 1630. If you are a key worker and require cover until 1630, please inform us. 

Can my child wear a face mask?
Children are not permitted to wear masks in school. If a child wears a mask on the way to school, we request that the parent takes it home at drop off. Adults in school will not be wearing masks unless they are dealing with one of our defined medical/intimate care procedures.
Is lunch available? Where will my child eat?

Currently Orian are only able to offer a packed lunch provision. Parents will either have to order the packed lunch or provide a packed lunch from home until Orian’s kitchens reopen fully. 

All children will be eating with their group and will not mix with the other groups. Year 6 groups will eat in their allocated classroom space.  The Key Worker groups will eat in the hall. 

We will confirm the eating venues of the other groups as they are invited in. 

What are the times of the school day?
Each group will be allocated a 10-minute window from drop off and pick up as well as a location. The drop offs will range from 0830 – 0900 and the pick-ups will range from 1500 – 1530. 
Will my child be expected to socially distance from the other children in their group?

We will be operating on a group model and have planned measures to allow spacing when working indoors for all pupils. As the government guidelines state, “We know that, unlike older children and adults, early years and primary age children cannot be expected to remain 2 metres apart from each other and staff. In deciding to bring more children back to early years and schools, we are taking this into account. Schools should therefore work through the hierarchy of measures set out below:
•    avoiding contact with anyone with symptoms
•    frequent hand cleaning and good respiratory hygiene practices
•    regular cleaning of settings
•    minimising contact and mixing”

We will, where possible, reduce contact between people, and we can achieve that and reduce transmission risk by ensuring children and staff where possible, only mix in a small, consistent groups and that small group stays away from other people and groups.

I have a child in Nursery. Can I share provision with another setting/childminder?
No. The guidance states that children should not have dual settings in Nursery for the time being. Children should not mix with children from other settings. 
What will happen to home-schooling and what will my child do in school?

The home-schooling provision will continue following the re-opening. Responses may come at different times as staff will be more operational in school. Feedback may also be given by other staff. 

In the initial phase of re-opening, the teachers in school will facilitate the online learning in class with some teacher input. We will also work on some social and emotional work as well as outdoor work and Physical education. 

As more and more children return to the school we will review the programme. 

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