Our Residential: London

Year 6 have a truly fabulous time in London on their residential.

On Day 1, they enjoy a visit to the Natural History Museum, an exciting flight on the London Eye, an evening meal at a fish and chip restaurant overlooking the Thames and a very informative sight-seeing tour seeing many of the famous landmarks of our wonderful, capital city.

Meanwhile, on Day 2, our fabulous Year 6 children start the day with a very informative tour of St. Paul's Cathedral before having a once in a lifetime experience of heading to the very top of the building's golden dome where the children experience breathtaking, 360 degree views of our amazing capital city. We then board a Thames River Cruise to see attractions down London's southbank before disembarking and heading to Tower of London, where the children see the crown jewels in all of their spectacular glory and enjoy exploring the history of armour and weaponry. It is then back on the River Cruise to head to London's Westend where the children dine at an all they can eat Pizza Hut before heading to see The Lion King - Musical, which is a truly incredible show. 

On Day 3, the children have a truly magical experience at #wbstudiotourlondon to conclude a truly special residential of making life-long memories together.

Enjoy the photographs from this year's London residential (2023)...

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

London 2024

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