Our Eco-Council

We have a very committed Eco-council; this gives our children the chance to discuss ways to make our school kinder to our planet. The children work to ensure that our school is eco-friendly and prepares pupils to live with reflection and consideration ​*or the environment. Our Eco Council is made up of two pupils from each year group from years One – Six. The children put themselves forward for the role of Eco Council member and, following a class vote, are democratically elected by children in their class. We then try to meet at least twice a half term.

Last year, the Eco Council worked hard to achieve their Silver Award with the Woodland Trust. This involved the children completing a series of activities and tasks in order to achieve enough points throughout the year. The children were involved with a variety of tasks such as encouraging their peers to reduce the school’s CO2 emissions and promoting recycling across the school. The children also wrote letters to a local garden centre who very kindly donated some tree saplings which the Eco-Council planted on our school field to commemorate the King’s Coronation.

Miss. Butler assists the pupils in running the Eco Council.

Meet Our Eco Council: 2022/23:

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