Design & Technology Curriculum Statement

It is the intent of Fairfield Primary School for Design and Technology to be taught in all year groups, through at least one topic per term. Projects are planned with a cross curricular focus to enhance the learning of other subjects, whenever possible and appropriate. Children will develop skills progressively in all aspects of the subject, including: food technology, woodwork, sewing, moving mechanisms and more.

At Fairfield Primary School, we believe that Design and Technology prepares children to deal with our rapidly changing world. We recognise that making mistakes is a huge part of Design and Technology and is integral to learning in this aspect of the curriculum. It encourages children to become independent, creative thinkers and problem solvers, both as individuals and as part of a team. It enables children to identify needs and opportunities and to respond to them by developing a range of ideas and by making products and systems. Design and Technology is about providing opportunities for children to use creativity and imagination to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems, whilst considering their own and others' needs.


Through the study of Design and Technology, practical skills will be combined with an understanding of aesthetic, social and environmental issues, as well as functions and industry. Strong links with our STEM curriculum will therefore be formed. These will allow our children to reflect on, and evaluate, past and present technology, its uses and impacts. 


Examples of Design & Technology Subject Maps


Design Technology Curriculum Overview

Design Technology Study

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