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Our vision is that the teaching of Maths gives pupils the understanding and confidence to use and apply their Mathematical knowledge to real life situations. We will inspire them to have a love of Maths through our high-quality teaching, using the local, natural environment to enhance their learning. They will be reflective and resilient learners with enquiring minds, where misconceptions can be explored and learned from. They will be immersed in an environment rich with subject specific vocabulary, which allows pupils to express their ideas fluently and talk about the subject using Mathematical language. Teachers will use a wide range of questioning strategies to allow children to have a deeper understanding of Mathematical concepts and embed their knowledge to become lifelong learners. Our aim is that all pupils will become fluent in the fundamentals of Mathematics so that they can develop a conceptual understanding and the ability to recall and apply knowledge rapidly and accurately. Through challenge and the embedding of reasoning skills, pupils will be able to apply their knowledge to solve a range of problems with increasing sophistication.

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Number Day certainly hit Fairfield! 

What amazing outfits we had across the school. Thank you to all of the children and parents/guardians for your efforts and your generous donations to the NSPCC; the children learnt about the importance of this particular charity during today's lessons and in our special, celebration assembly.

All children (and staff!) enjoyed a day of active Maths activities, many of which took place outdoors- taking advantage of our wonderful school grounds in the Cumbrian sunshine. 


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