Spoken Language

‘Reading and writing float on a sea of talk.’ (James Britton).

At Fairfield Primary School, we understand that developing children’s spoken language is fundamental for success in future life and for success as readers and writers.

In Early Years and Key Stage 1, we prioritise speech and language therapy and speech and language interventions- to ensure that all children become proficient at this vital skill. These interventions are a key feature of our ‘Waves of Reading Intervention Model’. As staff, we model excellent use of spoken language and model correct use of grammar through Standard English.

Children are exposed to rich vocabulary through our tiered approach. Tier 1 words are promoted in lessons and modelled by staff. Tier 2 vocabulary are taught through lessons and discretely through our progressive ‘Word of the Week’ programme. Tier 3 vocabulary are identified and written onto topic webs- which are then taught to children in subject specific lessons.

Some of the ways that we promote spoken language are:

  • Use of talk partners regularly in lessons.
  • Use of drama in English lessons
  • Role-play in EYFS and KS1
  • Encouraging children to write and perform their own speeches to become our School, Sport and Eco-Councilors
  • Use of echo and chorus reading
  • Use of debates in lessons to demonstrate different points of view
  • Performance poetry sessions
  • ‘Word of the Week’ sessions across KS1 and KS2
  • School Parliament

Spoken Language: Vocabulary Progression

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