Home Learning

During this period of self-isolation, we are mirroring work completed in school with that completed at home via remote learning. This follows the National Curriculum and the progession of work Year 2 children would ordinarily complete at this time of the year.

Children may need some support (and some basic resources) to be able to complete the activities. Some will take place inside but others can be done outside the house (in the garden for example). All activities are set through Class Dojo.

If you require help or need to ask questions, please contact the teacher vis Class Dojo. We have also published a list of suitable websites. 

Outlined below is a suggested timetable for daily activities for Year 2 pupils:

Year 2: Suggested Daily Timetable



  • A daily spelling activity for 30 minutes
  • Reading aloud to an adult for 10 minutes
  • Completion of one of the reading comprehension tasks for 30 minutes
  • Follow the daily tutorial and then complete the set English activity for 30 minutes



  • Follow the daily tutorial and then complete the set Maths activity for 30 minutes
  • TT Rock Stars daily for 15 minutes
  • Login to Education City and complete one of the set activities for 15 minutes

Science/ Topic


  • Rotate daily between Science and Topic and choose one of the projects to complete for 30 minutes each day


  • Use the online resource to practise letter formation (of harder letters and words) for 10 minutes

Physical Education

  • Participate in Cosmic Kids’ Yoga for 15 minutes
  • Choose a ‘5 A Day’ activity and complete for the suggested 5 minutes
  • Complete a fitness challenge card for 5 minutes


Year 2 Home Learning Videos


Maths 17/07/20: 

English 16/07/20: 

Maths 16/07/20: 

English 15/07/20: 

Maths 15/07/20: 

English 14/07/20: 

Maths 14/07/20: 

English 13/07/20: 

Maths 13/07/20: 

Topic W/C 13/07/20: 

Science W/C 13/07/20: 


Maths 10/07/20: 

English 09/07/20: 

Maths 09/07/20: 

English 08/07/20: 

Maths 08/07/20: 

English 07/07/20: 

Maths 07/07/20: 

English 06/07/20: 

Maths 06/07/20: 

Science W/C 06/07/20: