Geography Curriculum Statement

Our vision is that teaching geography gives pupils an understanding of the local, national and international environments, through instilling an interest and fascination to investigate a variety of places, geographical patterns and through communicating geographically by purposeful research and careful questioning.

We will investigate a variety of sources such as primary and secondary data, pictures, stories, maps and diagrams to ask and answer questions about our own human/physical local environment and that of afar.  We will examine the children’s own personal environment, allowing them to explore topics and engage with subject matter in a variety of mediums.  We will enable them to develop their sense of location throughout the study of topics through EYFS, Key Stage 1 and 2.

We will aim to give our children a geography curriculum with enables them to feed their curiosity, and to be creative, independent learners.  We seek to broaden the children real-life understanding of the world around them, both inside and outside of school through educational visits, visitors, investigation, exploration and discovery.

We believe that within geography lessons, our children will obtain a range of knowledge and skills, which they can apply to other subjects and in a multitude of situations.

Geography Key Documents

Examples of Geography Subject Maps

Geography Curriculum Overview

Geographical Fieldwork

Fieldwork is an essential ingredient of our Geography Curriculum and is something which we are keen to further develop as we recognise it provides a ‘real-world’ opportunity for children to develop and extend their geographical thinking; it adds value to classroom experiences. At Fairfield, outdoor learning is part of our ethos and is a wonderful resource for geographical learning. We plan opportunities for fieldwork as part of the Geography Curriculum- some examples include: our Year 3 pupils visiting caves; Year 4 investigating rivers; and Year 5 exploring 4 and 6 figure grid references in the forest! We aim to ensure that our Geography fieldwork activities are very much ‘hands on’ providing opportunities for pupils to collect primary data; formulate questions to investigate; and seek answers to their questions.

Geography Book Look: Examples of work from across the school

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