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Language learning is a life-long skill – a skill that can be used for business and for pleasure, to open up avenues of communication and exploration, and to promote, encourage and instil a broader cultural understanding. With international travel available to so many, language learning is becoming more important now than ever.


The skills learnt are transferrable from one language to another – learning one new language makes it easier to learn another, and even helps deepen our understanding of our own first languages.  Learning a foreign language gives children the opportunity to appreciate the etymology of words they use every day, broadening their understanding of global connectivity and the influence of increased geographical mobility. 


Much of the work in the classroom is oral – the fun, engaging and ‘low-risk’ teaching and learning activities which support oracy mean that all children can engage fully and achieve well.  It fosters an atmosphere in which mistakes are recognised, and even encouraged, to progress their learning.


Our curriculum is designed to allow our children to develop an interest in learning other languages in a way that is enjoyable and stimulating.  We encourage children’s confidence and creative skills, as well as striving to stimulate and encourage children’s curiosity about language, and other cultures.


French at Fairfield Primary School

Studying a foreign language gives children the opportunity to communicate with others, to learn about and to experience other cultures.  It also helps with English – the children learn how to compare their use of English grammar and spelling to that of French. 

KS2 pupils have one hour of French per week.  In Year 3, we start with the basics of colours, numbers, months of the year and days of the week.  Year 4 topics include time, and daily routine, while in Year 5 we consolidate work on telling the time incorporating it in the topic of school.  Year 6 topics include clothes, and a French-speaking county.

As Year 3 is the first time for many children to learn a foreign language, we use lots of games, songs and speaking practice, with limited written tasks. As the children move up from Year 3, we focus more on the written language, and build on their early skills, allowing them to speak, write and listen with much more confidence.  In Year 6, we look at the grammar of French in more detail, which will help the children as they move up to secondary school.

We have developed links with schools in France, Greece and Spain – we will exchange letters, cards, presentations and video clips in French with our partner schools, and to talk to them in real-time using Skype.  In recognition of this work, we have recently been awarded the Foundation Level of the International School Award – our challenge for the future is to move up to Intermediate Level.

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